The firm offers full architectural services, interior design and landscape architecture for all types building projects starting from design concepts to their construction and completion. We also provide services for feasibility study reports. The firm, in collaboration with associates in various disciplines, is able to offer the full comprehensive professional services including Urban and Regional Planning / Civil and Structural Engineering / Quantity Surveying / Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The firm also in association with other teams of professionals, contractors and financiers have undertaken turnkey projects, packaged financing project and privatisation schemes.

  1. All types of housing ranging from the bungalows, link houses, apartments as well as condominium and hotels
  2. New township development
  3. Institutional, sports and services buildings
  4. Commercial and office buildings
  5. Feasibility studies
  6. Interior design, renovations work
  7. Adaptive reuse of building
  8. Hotels and Resorts

FAU Akitek indeed feels proud and honoured to be given the opportunity to serve and assist our revered clients. We believe that the combination of our commitment and professional skills coupled with their wealth of visions and ideas will prove towards bringing into existence an environment that meets present and future dreams and aspirations of the client, the society and the nation.

Our basic service consists of four phases as described below :

  1. Obtain clients instructions to ascertain requirements and constraints of the works.
  2. Prepare preliminary sketch designs to interpret the design brief and feasibility studies
  3. Develop sketch design to a stage to enable applications to be made for planning approval and/or ” in principle ” approval in connection with any specific by-law.
  4. Prepare preliminary estimates of the probable construction cost based on current area, volume or other unit and where applicable submit drawings to relevant authorities for either town planning or ” in principle ” approval.

  1. Based on the proposal approved by the relevant authorities or clients, develop schematic design drawings to a stage to enable consultants to commence detail design works.
  2. Prepare working drawings and submission together with other particulars to appropriate approving authority to obtain statutory building approval.
  3. Updated preliminary estimates of probable construction cost and prepare a probable construction schedule to the client for approval.

  1. Based on updated estimates of probable construction cost and construction schedule approved by the client, finalised drawings, specifications and any other particular as needed for the preparation of tender with/without our Bills Of Quantities by independent Quantity Surveyor.
  2. Prepare all documents needed for obtaining competitive tenders for the work.
  3. Inviting on behalf of the clients, tenders for the works or collaborating with appointed Quantity Surveyor to do so if one has been engaged by the client.
  4. Evaluating results of the tenders and submitting a report and recommendation to the client.
  5. Awarding the contract on behalf of the client and either preparing or collaborating in the preparation of the contract documents for the client’s and building contractor’s signature.

  1. Upon awarding the building contract on behalf of the client perform all functions as the Architect in its administration and management – accepting the authority as offered upon the Architect.
  2. Provide all information and issue instruction to the building contractor for him to proceed with the works.
  3. Examine the works programme prepared by the building contractor and to be satisfied that the works can be reasonably completed within the contract period but in so doing shall not be construed as assuming the responsibility for the building contractors performance.
  4. Provide periodic supervision of the works and issue certificates as required under the building contract.
  5. Where and when necessary apply for an occupation permit from the approving authority and accepting building on behalf of the client.
  6. Providing a set of drawings showing the building as constructed and obtaining for the client the drawings of the building’s services as installed and recommendation on their maintenance.